Arthur Huis in’t Veld

Discovery Action Strategist, Adelaide, Australia

You can give man a fish and you will feed man for one day YET if you teach man HOW TO build a pond and farm fish you will feed man + many for LIFE”.

Arthur graduated as a certified commercial bookkeeper in 1984 which led him to work in the government and private sector managing various operational administrative accounting matters. During his early working career, he studied the Human Ingenious whilst practising and developing engaging growth business and personal strategies. This led Arthur to start his own boutique advisory agency in 1987 representing various investment products from companies in Australia and the United Kingdom.

His “Removing the Box” thinking, planning and actioning supported him to lay the foundations that would allow Arthur to serve his clients and strategic partnerships with confidence along their enterprising journey. This allowed Arthur and his family, starting in 1993, to travel between Australia, Europe and Asia to be of further strategic growth and operational support within the retail, fashion, health, sport, fintech and consumer trend product driven companies.

Arthur’s focused drive, and strong strategic approach, has positioned him to:

> Project Capital Raise $45+ Million
> Strategically Advice & Grow Tech and Commerce driven companies throughout APAC and Europe
> Develop a team of 35+ future tech partners to assist ARTHURINC.CO strategic partners

Arthurs’ multicultural business and people experience provides the foundation for his business partners and clients to transition into the future with strategic hope and confidence. His continuous purpose is to assist and transition companies, start-ups, people with an open mind to embrace new emerging technologies for the betterment of humanity, industry and economy.

We are your Tech partners and we have ONE focus “Grow Your Business”.

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