Blockchain Hashed Care

Blockchain Hashed Care

Impacting the world with impeccable security and Integrated Healthcare. The future is Now.


Hospitals around the world require a platform where less time is spent on admin work and patient care is focused on.

This would mean creating links with various aggregators and a seamless process of work involved.

A huge challenge would be the security and privacy concern.



Claim Process

An easy workflow to claim the insurance for patients. This meant integrating the hospitals with the insurance agencies.Smart Contract associated with blockchain technology allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties.

Amount Specification (Claim History)

Hashed Care would integrate with the necessary banking and financial institutions to allow the Insured to claim their specific insurance amount with ease.


All transaction between the parties are validated using distributed ledger technology.


Ruah Tech has pioneered into Blockchain Technology, building its own platform with an agile and robust approach in mind that will impact many verticals across a lot of domains.

This would mean implementing an immutable, safer and more transparent protocol for any enterprise.