Breathe easy at the top floor, Your one stop solution for apartment services and maintenance is here.


As the property development continues to grow around the world, Ruahtech endeavoured to find a solution that created accountability and action for body corporates.

Using the latest technology we built a system that connected residents to property managers which broke communication barriers and ensured the longevity of apartments and houses alike.


Residents Management

A perfect place to share ideas, contacts, events, functions and more. This e-flats app becomes your new social app to meet new friends within your apartment and community.

Billing and Accounting

Your one stop place for all your billing and accounting issues to be resolved with the owners and tenants.

Visitors Attendance

Never again be afraid of strangers or visitors who might want to see you for first time. All the visitors to the apartments and community can be tracked with this app, through proper API and integration with the right tools. Talk to our system experts to sort this.

Maintenance Ticket Tracker

All your maintenance tickets for electric, plumbing, gas or any others are tracked perfectly to closure. E-flats app also monitors the SLA that it takes to close the ticket.

Vehicle Entry Tracker

Sleep in peace knowing your car is safe and secured in the parking lot. No fear of theft anymore as all vehicle entry and exit will be tracked.

Garage Sale

Moving out is easy with e-flats app! Never bother about selling them quick. We are here to help you and e-flats app does the perfect job with garage sale.


E-flats provides cloud-based Apartment management software that allows apartment, residential, commercial and community associations to market and manage their business. This mobile app solution includes billing, tracking, vehicle tracker marketing and property management functionality.