Kingdom Business Network

Kingdom Business Network

KBN is a platform and network to connect with market place believers around the world thereby creating opportunities for marketplace believers to invest their Time, Talent and Treasures to impact other for Christ.

It also serves as a hub to equip market place believers to grow vertically with Biblical principles and serves as a “Meeting Place “for potential investor and those seeking investment to grow or start a business.


The team at Kingdom Business Network needed a web application that would bring members together whilst sharing their expansive library of informative content.

The organisation provides a range of resources for their members which includes video content and timely articles on industry trends which they aimed to showcase exclusively with their members.

Although the content strategy was ongoing KBN could not measure the true success of this content or convert on engagement with there existing communication channels. With over 2000 members nationwide KBN needed a solution that would be the catalyst for partnerships and business opportunities through the network.



The team at Ruahtech identified the key goals of the Kingdom Business Network’s application through vigorous research of stakeholders and competitors around the world. This meant understanding the specific needs and wants of both KBN management and membership to provide a unique and valuable digital experience.


Once KBN was happy that the Network Centre system would help them achieve their online goals as a business, Ruahtech began to build the members a digital solution that provided access to resources whilst connecting members within the network.


Using the right Development Framework Ruahtech worked closely with KBN at the key stages of development to achieve a smooth experience for both parties. Through communication and collaborative working Ruahtech and KBN began to see the KBN Network Centre come to life.


After a few short weeks the KBN Network Centre was ready for launch. Kingdom Business Network used the Ruahtech Digital Launch Strategy to let existing members know of the new features being provided through the Network Center whilst also encouraging membership growth.


Kingdom Business Network partnered with Ruahtech to build a successful system that achieved the digital business aspirations. Within the first month of being in the market KBN had seen a 10% increase in new memberships sold.

KBN were also experiencing increased levels of engagement to content, increases in membership transactions and a large amount of praise from the Network Centre users.