St.John’s Tracking

St.John’s Tracking

St John is a Global Shipping company with 52 offices in 18 Countries across 4 Continents.


Operating in a highly competitive market, St.John’s needed to provide additional value to their clients. We built a solution that combined their business objectives with the latest digital technology.

St.John’s requirement was creating a unified platform that could manage their numerous exporters and importers globally.

This required tracking the entire order process, trace the journey and location of different shipments and generate reports based on the data to facilitate their business expansion.


Order Tracking

The journey of each order from supplier to end consumer is tracked with accurate details to preplant the next steps, increase efficiency and avoid delays thereby reducing excessive costs.

API Integrations for Vessel Tracking

The application points the exact coordinates and position of sailing vessels thus providing a robust, real-time vessel tracking information.

Report Generation

The generation of reports has played a vital role for the management to base the business.


Ruah has created a highly sophisticated iOS App that powers sea freight cargo and container tracking with the latest technology to track the passage of freights from the time of processing requirements until its journey’s end.

The application helped create a competitive advantage whilst strengthening the reputation of the organisation and increasing productivity dramatically.