Valentines Business Brokers

Valentines Business Brokers

“Our office has sold almost every food business in Melbourne at least once”

“Clients who have dealt with us always come back to us”

– Managing Director


The Valentine Business Brokers are pioneers in Business Brokerage in Australia .They have a vibrant group of Agents who involve in the brokerage on the Business that are up for sale and buying .

The challenge majorly was two fold which includes  The agents  being mapped to the list of Business to be Sold and also have a track order of Business sold by them and a space where customers who  have a detailed information can list a business for selling  or invite vendors for buying.

Geographically spread through Australia and having a key office location at Melbourne they wanted a robust IT solution which solves their two fold need and manage information of the increasing business with seamless communication with Agents and the customers/vendors.



Adding Value to our clients is one of our core value at Ruah Tech and so we gleefully jumped into the challenge to provide unique IT solution that increases their business leads thereby increasing profits and also build a platform that can handle the old list of business listing and a space to add new business listings.


The team at RuahTech identified the requirement of Valentine Business Brokerage and jumped into research to provide a seamless IT solution that is unique to Valentine’s but also to increase the business leads for a 73 year old company.The proposed solution was a web- app added with a CRM tool which are at complete sync with each other.


Following the Agile Methodology Ruah Tech provided Key solutions that includes wireframes followed by Mock-ups which are rough drafts of the fair picture . Through constant communication between Ruah tech and Valentines we fared to work on the product after detailed solutioning.


Creating solutions to problems brings great joy and when we use technology it births as a product. Working with Valentines Business brokers, A web app bridging agent details and business listing which works hand in hand with a CRM tool was built. The communication between the agents and customers were made effective and this is a unique product that we delivered to the company.


Collaboration with Ruah-Tech has brought Valentines Business Brokers  their new product which has enabled Valentines business brokers have marketed their global presence managing time and money effectively from their corporate office at Melbourne.

Streamlining business information and business mapping to agents added with technology touch on internal and external communication has made a huge impact and improved the monetary benefits of the company. The web product has added value to their business thereby keeping them in par with their competitors.