Virtual Reality

VR dangles in front of our eyes a vision of the media’s future, changes in the ways we communicate, and the way we think about communication. It has defined the technology’s future by giving it a goal -the creation of virtual reality. Virtual reality is not a technology; It is a destination.

Augmented reality technology set is the future of digital solutions. It creates a unique experience that will truly set your business apart from the competition and incorporate virtual reality technology into your digital solution. Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination



Choice of Material



Cyber security

Ruah Virtual Mart

With online shopping statistics showing continued growth across the world, we combined augmented reality technology with the convenience of shopping from home to new heights. Ruah Tech has ventured into the cutting edge technology of Virtual and Augmented Reality driving developments in a powerful way to shape the industry needs.

Pull the web out of the screen

Imagine walking through your favorite store, interacting with products online in ways never seen before whilst purchasing from the comfort of your home, with our Virtual Mart technology

Display On demand

Open multiple screens anytime, anywhere. Enlarge, shrink and rotate 360* at your wish .Walk with them or leave them hanging.

Be Present Anywhere

We coin it as collaboration with another dimension with experiences which look stunning, sounding real and allowing intuitive interaction between the user and the virtual world

Bringing your creativity into life

Experiment with combinations of creatures, objects and body parts like hearts and brain. Experience the real-time time pumping of heart and the brain view


Virtual Reality platforms

These companies focus on the development and distribution of software, and include engines, tools, and SDKs to create virtual reality projects.

Custom VR development

Companies working directly with clients and bringing their ideas to life (outsourcing) and VR app development companies, with main focus on designing and building their own Virtual Reality apps of various types, and games.

Industry-specific VR solutions

Similar to custom development companies, but targeting major markets like real estate education and healthcare and so on



Health care


Real estate



Food industry

What we do

Turn your mind into reality, capture the world in another dimension! With endless implications in the health, gaming, construction, education and many more sectors, AR VR will dynamically shift the way we live. We work with Apple AR-Kit, Unity and Vuforia software to give you the perfect experience.

Whether you’ve got a big idea or need some inspiration with an AR, VR, mobile or interactive project, we are here to help you along the way.

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello.